Early Bird Menu Available!

Top Deck invites you to enjoy our new Early Bird Menu!

We are offering two courses for 20 or three courses for 25. It's a new concept in everyday dining out to move with the times!! Now its cheaper to go out than stay in! 

*Not including Selected Dishes

Early Bird runs from Monday to Friday & Sunday 2pm - 6pm

For Reservations Contact: 090 6473263

Lets Set Sail


Black Pudding Poached Egg & Potato Cake   €6.95

Homemade Potato Cake resting on Seared Black Pudding

 Topped with A Poached Hens egg W/ Sweet Chilli Sc.


Chill & Garlic Pork Belly salad (c)                   €6.45

Flash-Fried Pork Belly strips with chillies & Garlic

Bound in a mustard mayonnaise & Tossed with Iceberg Lettuce


Salt & Black pepper Squid                          €6.95

Golden fried to perfection with a rich soy & honey Dip


Cajun Chicken Wings (c)                                      €6.50

 Rolled in Cajun & Baked, Served with Blue Cheese Mayo


Deep Fried Brie                                         €6.95

In A Crispy Crumb, Golden fried, served with a Berry Salsa


King Prawn Won-Ton's                        €6.95

Finely diced with herbs and spices wrapped in Filo

Flash fried Served with Pineapple & Ganger Jam


Deep-fried Garlic Mushrooms               €6.95

Golden fried Mushrooms on dressed leaves

& Garlic mayonnaise


Potato Skins(c)                                   €6.95

Stuffed with Bolognaise Sauce Topped with

Parmesan Cheese and baked. Garlic & Chilli Mayo Dip


Soup of the evening (c)                                  €4.75

A fresh local ingredient showcase!

(Ask your server for details)


Caprice Bruschetta(c)                                 €6.95

Soft Mozzarella, tomato & Fresh Basil

served on crusty bread



From the Islands

*Grilled 10oz Irish sirloin steak (c)                 €19.95


*Grilled prime Irish fillet steak  (c)                   €25.00


*Grilled prime Irish Rump Steak(c)        €17.95

 All of our  Steaks are served with sauté onions and

 cooked to your liking with a choice of Sauce & Side.


  Potato choice                                        sauces

  Homemade chips                               Garlic & Herb Butter

  Spicy wedges                               Brandy & Peppercorn Sauce

  Garlic potato                                    Chasseur Sauce

  Mash Potato                                             Gravy


*Roast Goose Breast Cooked(To Your Liking)(c)€17.95

Marinated in Ginger & Thyme & then finished

with a Lemon & Garlic Jus


*Kangaroo Steak (c)                                       €19.95

Seared to your liking, (chef's Recommendation Medium)

W/a rich Chasseur sauce


*Roast Half Duckling (c)                                €17.95

Roasted to a crisp finish and

dressed with a tangy Black Cherry sauce


*Roast Belly of pork (c)                                 €16.95

Roasted to a crisp finish on a bed of Sage Mash

 and dressed with a Cider gravy


Fajitas chicken / beef /Prawn (c)                   €18.95

Cooked in our unique fajita sauce served with a trio

Of dips, guacamole, spicy salsa and sour cream

Cheddar cheese, flour tortillas and Tossed salad

Thai Style stir fry (c)                                       €17.95

A choice of chicken or prawn,  stir fried

with crispy vegetables and egg  noodles

Bound In a Spicy Thai Coconut Cream


*Stuffed Chicken Supreme                          €18.95

Stuffed with Black pudding & Brie w/a mushroom

& Tarragon Jus

*Paprika Chicken(c)                                     €17.95

Marinated in paprika & slightly charred then finished

in the oven smothered with Ma's Creamy Mushroom sauce


*Vegetarian Lasagne                                  €16.95

Baked with fresh pasta & Roosted Veg

Bound in a Tomato sauce, Topped with Melting cheese. 

 Veggie Parcel                                           €16.95

Crispy Pastry stuffed with seasonal veg

 tossed with soy sauce, with an Oriental Touch

Main Course are served with a side of your choice

even mix it up with half and half from a choice of;-

Chips, Wedges, Vegetables, Garlic Potato, Salad

Onion Rings, Sauté Mushrooms, sauté Onions, Mash

Extra Side Order €3.50

The Voyage Continues...

Steak  Sambo                                                           €17.95

In a Pitta Pocket tossed with Onions, Mushrooms &

Pepper Sauce served with tossed salad & homemade chips


Tortelloni                                                                €15.95

A Traditional Italian Dish With rich Sugo and parmesan Shavings


Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Carbonara (c)      €15.95

Diced Chicken, sliced Mushroom & smoked Bacon

tossed in garlic & white wine finished with cream

 & parmesan shavings


*Golden Fried  Chicken                                         €17.95

 Deep-fried topped with smoked bacon, mozzarella

& Italian tomato Drizzle with a basil cream


Chicken Breast Tandoori Style(c)                        €17.95

A Supreme of Chicken On A Crisp Pompadom                                                                     

 basmati rice and Greek yogurt.


Top Deck Beef Burger (c)                                    €14.95

6oz prime Irish steak mince or Vegetables

bound, seasoned and grilled, topped with

melted cheese and smoked bacon, served

with tossed salad & homemade chips

From the Sea...

Fish N' Chips                                                                                        €17.95

Fish of The Day (ask your server) in our signature Carlsberg batter,

golden fried with tartar sauce, mushy peas & chunky chips

(probably the best fish N' chips in the world)

*Oven Baked Cod                                                                                €18.95

Fresh Tomato, Basil & Fine caper Cream Sauce

*Pan Roasted Hake                                                                             €18.95

On A Bed Of Asian Noodles

*Baked Sea Bass                                                                                €19.95

On A Bed of Roast Tomato Mash

Dressed With Prawn & Cajun Brandy Cream

*Mediterranean Salmon Fillet                                                            €18.95

Dressed with a Dill & Black Olive Butter

Anchors Away... We Have Arrived....

Meringue & Maltesers Mess                                €7.45

With butterscotch sauce & honeycomb ice-cream


Homemade Ice Cream                                         €6.95

With a refreshing berry compote


Toblerone Cheesecake                                      €7.50

With lightly whipped cream and chocolate sauce


Chocolate Fudge Cake                                     €6.95

Warm with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream


Fresh Fruit Pavlova                                          €7.50

With fresh cream & Mixed berry sauce


Homemade Apple Tart                                     €5.95

With fresh cream, custard sauce & ice cream


Sticky Toffee Pudding                                     €6.95

With fresh cream, Butterscotch sauce & Vanilla ice cream

Banoffee Pie                                                     €6.95

With a Biscuit Base layered with toffee & banana,

 fresh cream, berry compote & Vanilla ice cream

Tiramisu                                                             €6.95

Layered With Sponge Fingers

Creamed mascarpone, Espresso

and with liquored finish, Fresh Cream & Ice Cream

Please ask for our Premium Whiskeys

Retire to your bunk... and have a coffee

Fresh Coffee - €1.95

A serving of freshly ground coffee


Cappuccino - €2.20

Espresso, blended with hot Milk, dressed with a creamy Foam & sprinkled with coco


Mocha - €2.60

Cappuccino flavoured with chocolate syrup –the traditional marriage of chocolate and coffee


Latte - €2.30

A serving of espresso lengthened and softened with hot milk


Espresso - €1.90

A short intensely flavoured Serving of coffee


Irish Coffee - €5.90

We all know what’s in it!


Large Cappuccino - €2.95

Get a double, there’s More to enjoy


Hot Chocolate - €2.90

A full flavoured rich Chocolate drink from the Swiss masters of chocolate


Flavoured Latte - €2.95

Flavour your latte with Vanilla, hazelnut or caramel


Double Espresso - €2.85

A double serving of espresso, For a real jolt of energy …the nightclub awaits


All prices inclusive of V.A.T. Service charge not included,

Customers reserve the right to reward good service personally

We Regret No Individual Billing

Wine Selection

House White Recommendations

Italy; Soledoro Rubicone Trebbiano - €17.95

From Emilia-Romagna on Italy’s east coast, this is a dry but fruity white with crisp apple and pear fruit, medium bodied this is a very refreshing style.

Food Match: Lends itself well to seafood pasta dishes, grilled flatfish, Caesar salad.


Chile; Karu Sauvignon Blanc - €20.95

This vibrant, herbaceous Sauvignon is made by Emiliana, one of Chile's most highly acclaimed producers. Everything that goes into this comes from estate grown vineyards and they have chosen high altitude, cool climate sites ensuring the crisp, fresh nature of the wine.

Food Match: Ultra versatile, this is great as an aperitif but will match seafood, salads, grilled fish and many chicken dishes.


Italy; Celso Pinot Grigio - €18.95

Hailing from Veneto, the heartland of Italian Pinot Grigio, Celso has everything that made Pinot Grigio so fashionable in the first place. Delicious ripe, white peachy and pear fruit and a soft palate kept refreshed by lively lemon zestiness.

Food Match: Ideal with light lunches, salads and pasta dishes.

House Red Recommendations

Italy; Soledoro Rubicone Sangiovese - €17.95

This is made from the famous grape of Chianti - Sangiovese - but here,on the warm east coast of Italy it produces soft, juicy reds. This wine is smooth and ripe with plenty of fruit.

Food Match: Pizza/Pasta dishes, chicken/pork dishes.


Chile; Karu Merlot - €20.95

From Emiliana's estate vineyards, this Merlot is soft, super-juicy and full of ripe plummy fruit and the kind of long full-flavoured finish you would expect from a wine twice its price!

Food Match: Drink on its own or match with hearty, feel good food.


Spain; Protocolo - €18.95

From the hands of one of Spain's greatest winemakers, Marcus Eguren, this 100% Tempranillo is like a richly, fruity version of Rioja. Great structure and great fruit, an all-round superb red.

Food Match: Very versatile from Italian to richer poultry dishes to fillet steak. Especially good with roast lamb.

Wines from around the world

White Wines


Norton Torrontes - €19.95

Hugely aromatic, this is what Torrontes is all about; aromas of fresh peach and apricot burst out of the glass alongside floral notes of honeysuckle and rose petal. The palate is equally as impressive with its lively peachy fruit and clean, crisp nature.

Food Match: This style of wine works particularly well with aromatic, Asiatic cuisine



Eric Louis Sauvignon Blanc, Loire Valley - €24.95

Description: Great Sauvignon Blanc from vineyards just outside Sancerre and made by Sancerre grower Eric Louis. This wine offers just about everything a good Sancerre would; it is zesty, packed with fruit and mineral rich, just like its famous neighbor.

Food Match: Few wines can match seafood or fish dishes so well.



Eric Louis Sancerre, Loire Valley - €32.50

From Eric Louis vineyards this is classic Sancerre; full flavoured with classic grassy/herbal aromas and intense cool, citrus fruit. This has a deep mineral complexity that marks out the best wines in the region.

Food Match: Superb with richer fish dishes and roast poultry.



Cave de Lugny Chardonnay, Burgundy - €25.00

Description: Based in Mâcon-Lugny the Cave de Lugny make some of the best wine in the region. This cuvée is textbook southern White Burgundy; intense in flavour yet elegant, mineral rich and with a hint of honey on the finish.

Food Match: A superb wine for white meat dishes and great with fish.


New Zealand

Brightwater Sauvignon Blanc - €25.00

Description: Unusually for Marlborough, this is from a single estate situated in a cooler sub-region. This gives the wine a cooler profile, even a Sancerre like quality, but this is still unmistakably Marlborough. There are buckets of ripe fruit and great aromatics in this wine.

Food Match: Seafood, fish dishes and especially good with Cantonese and Thai Cuisine.


La Pieve Spago - Italy - €22.95

A great example of fruit-driven Frizzante Prosecco from top producers Mionetto. Made in a very approachable, easy to drink style with vibrant peach and pear fruit aromas and flavours.

Food Match: Ideal as an aperitif but a good match too for mildly spiced cuisine.


Mionetto Vivo Rosé - Italy - €28.95

Description: Fully sparkling, dry but fruity Rosé from this top drawer Veneto producer. Floral on the nose which hints at ripe strawberry and raspberry fruit. The palate delivers this vibrant red fruit character and the finish is long and refreshing.

Food Match: Great on its own but especially good with anything slightly spicy. Also very good for seared scallops or langoustines.

Wines from around the world

Red Wines


Norton Malbec - €19.95

Bodegas Norton is ranked among the top five Argentine producers. Now owned by Gernot Langes-Swarovski (of Swarovski Crystal) no expense is spared in the making of Norton wines. This, their best-selling Red, is a great plummy Malbec with loads of silky blueberry and mulberry fruit. 

Food Match: Such an easy wine to appreciate with its supple easy-drinking style, it is good on its own but has the structure to match chicken, pork and even lamb dishes.


Sierra Cantabria Selección - €24.95

Legendary Spanish winemaker Marcus Eguren’s Rioja gives everyone a chance to taste a wine from one of the finest names in Spain for a reasonable price. Silky smooth with juicy wild berry fruit and a nice touch of oak. A perfect example of modern, instantly delicious Rioja.

Food Match: With its six months in oak and rich fruit, this has the body and depth of a Crianza and is a perfect match for lamb and beef or more robust vegetarian dishes.


Rasteau Côtes du Rhône Rastillains - €22.95

Astonishing quality for this price. There are lashings of delicious ripe, wild berry fruit and a very smooth, polished palate. The Grenache component is from vines averaging 40+ years, grown in vineyards covered in large heat reflective gallettes (big flat pebbles) allowing the necessary ripeness for this sun-loving grape.

Food Match: Excellent with richer pasta dishes, chicken and pork - but will work well with red meat dishes too.


Volpetto Chianti - €20.95

Description: Modern fruit-driven Chianti. Cheap Chianti can be thin and weedy but this is the opposite; loads of fruit, nice weight and silky smooth texture.

Food Match: Of course excellent with tomato based Italian dishes, good for pork and lamb dishes too.


Rio Rosa Cabernet Sauvignon - €20.95

An outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon that is packed with black fruit flavours. This wine has great structure and is sensational with food. This Cabernet Sauvignon shows rich berry flavours, soft tannins and a palate of fruit and spice.

Food Match: A perfect match to steak and grilled red meats.  Will also compliment cheeses, especially brie and lighter varieties.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

 G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge - €75.00

The bubbles are rich on the palate, but never overpowering. The perfect balance is combined with a rounded, full vinosity. The mix of fresh fruit and caramel aromas give even more intensity to the finish. This is a subtly balanced wine with a remarkable capacity to linger in the mouth.


Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserva - €35.00

This wine has a pale yellow colour with golden hues. An elegant stream of bubbles rising to form a lively froth. Fresh, well balanced and persistent in the mouth with lingering, complex notes of fruit.


Located in the very centre of Athlone town, above Copper's Bar, Top Deck occupies an excellent location. Nautically themed Top Deck specialises in fresh seafood. The menu caters for every pallette from succulent steaks to our legendary Fajitas. There is also an extensive wine list to compliment every dish. Friendly staff and top class service make Top Deck a truly unique dining experience.

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